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Sit-On-Top Skills Course – Taranaki


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Anyone can get onto a kayak and make it go, it is not difficult.  But we frequently hear of people who get into trouble as a direct result of inadequate skills and knowledge. Don’t become a statistic.
This course is designed specifically for those who paddle sit-on-top kayaks and is essential for fishermen.  We will teach you 8 different paddle strokes so you have proper control of your kayak.  Correct technique will reduce injury, and enable you to go further and faster without tiring so quickly. We will also cover rescues – how to get back on in deep water if you should fall off, and how to help your buddy if he gets into difficulty.  Theory will cover trip planning, weather, gear, communications and safety issues.



Awesome course, very informative and a great bunch of people to spend a Saturday with learning

What you’ll learn:

  • Self-rescues
  • Assist others to re-enter their kayak
  • Paddle strokes including; power, sweep, draw, rudders and support
  • How to set up your kayak, what you need, and how to use it
  • Beach launching and landing
  • Kayak support strokes
  • Steering with your paddle and rudder
  • Edging or railing your kayak to gain better control
  • Navigation and weather skills
  • Risk management
  • Clothing and equipment
  • Transporting kayaks
  • Simple tow systems

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