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Adrenalin 2P Thermo Hoodie


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If you are looking for the best Thermal Hoodie, then it is well worth noting that Adrenalin has put a world of research into the technology that underpins the Adrenalin 2P Thermo Hoodie. Science and hoodies are unlikely buddies in the same sentence, but in this case, the fit is skin hugging.

Look great with plenty of street cred, while keeping out the wind, water and wintery weather. The weather resistance is due to the Hi-Tech Knitted Micro-Fibre. The assisted comfort combines revolutionary moisture-wicking fabric and a plush inner lining that feels super comfy.

The 170% 4-way stretch is the reason the Adrenalin Hoodie 2P Thermal Jumper is the perfect hoodie for outdoor action. Your ability to move unhindered by stiff canvas and other such fabrics ensure you can go weapons-grade active without being restricted by your clothing.

The 50+, TGA compliant ultraviolet protection factor, blocks at least 98% of UV radiation. It’s super sun smart. The flat-lock stitched seams mitigate against the dreaded seam rash and also delivers rugged durability.

Wear it on the way to the surf, wear it fishing, wear it on deck as you sail or motor the ocean blue. Wear it hiking or camping or to your favourite café on Pit street.

The Adrenalin Hoodie 2P Thermal Jumper for sale now will be perfect for everyone in an active, outdoor family. Built to last, built to look great and built for you, the Adrenalin Hoodie 2P Thermal Jumper is a must-have.


  • 2P Thermal Jumper
  • Available in a small, medium, large or extra-large size
  • Pull-cord
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Water-resistant fibre which doesn’t hold water easily.
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Hi-Tech Knitted Micro-Fibre.
  • Keeps the wind out
  • UV 50+ Sun Protection.
  • Acts like a second skin.
  • Protection without too much restriction.
  • Super-stretch + Fleece for Comfort.
  • 170% four-way STRETCH


  • Stay warm, dry and protected from the wind and sun while looking great.
  • Flatlock stitching mitigates against rash and protects hems from wear.
  • The moisture-wicking fibre keeps your skin dry when the action picks up, and the perspiration starts to flow.
  • The outer fabric doesn’t hold water to well, meaning your less likely to remain as wet.
  • Pull-cord hoodie delivers flexibility for changeable weather and activity.
  • The front pouch are ideal for keeping your hands warm when the mercury drops.
  • Suitable for camping, kayaking, boating or all sorts. For that matter, you can wear it anywhere you like when the weather turns chilly or the winds pick up.

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