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Railblaza StarPort Pair


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RAILBLAZA StarPorts™ are modeled on the existing winch handle receivers on most top brand sailboat winches, and can be surface or recess-mounted on any sail or power boat, kayak, utility vehicle or ATV.
Low profile surface mount and minimal intrusion depth when recess mounting.

Each StarPort™ includes a stylish locking slide for securing accessories firmly in place.

Gasket and bung reduces water ingress.

Available in Black or White.

What You Get:

2 x StarPorts

™, 2 x surface mount adapter rings, 2 x weather-tight bungs, 4 x 32 mm x 10-gauge self-tapping screws, 4 x (6 x 32 mm) bolts, washers & nuts.

Installation: StarPort™

  • The StarPort™ can be mounted on the surface using the surface mount collar supplied or it can be recessed into any horizontal or vertical surface.
  • Ensure you have adequate clearance behind the surface for screw and/or bolt penetration, and that no cabling, plumbing or rigging will be adversely affected.
  • We recommend the use of a silicone-based sealant between the collar and the deck.
  • Surface/ Recess Mount
  • Drill holes using the template supplied.
    1. Surface Mount: Stack collar, gasket and StarPort™ in place, then fit bolts or screws.
    2. Recess Mount: Fit gasket and StarPort™ in place, then fit bolts or screws.
  • Tighten nuts or screwheads to a firm tension.