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Originz Resolution Fibreglass


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PLEASE NOTE: these paddles can take up to 2 weeks to be made as they are custom made to order
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Ideal paddle for smaller paddlers and windy conditions.

The Resolution paddle is our smallest touring paddle, perfect for smaller paddlers and windy conditions thanks to its smaller blade size and low weight. Moulded and covered hand grips and drip rings make this paddle extremely comfortable to use so that you can paddle in any conditions for as long as you like.

Weight: 1015g
Blade: Fibreglass reinforced nylon
Blade size: 470 x 163mm

Excellent speed with minimal effort!

Your paddle has a big impact on how enjoyable paddling will be. One that’s poorly made and doesn’t fit you can make for a miserable day on the water, while a high quality, well selected paddle is a real delight. Personal preferences definitely figure into your selection. How does it feel? How fast are you going to paddle? How far? These are all important questions to consider and discuss with your dealer. If you can, try out several different styles and lengths to get a feel for what’s most comfortable. When choosing a paddle keep these important characteristics in mind.


  • Wide blades provide better acceleration, long and narrow blades are good for paddling long distances.
  • “Feathered” paddles are easier to use when paddling into the wind since the blade that’s out of the water is horizontal and offers no wind resistance.
  • Oval shaped shafts tend to better fit the hand, helping with both comfort and control.


  • Paddles are made from many different materials – lighter is usually better (and more expensive).
  • Paddles made from synthetic materials require less maintenance than timber ones.
  • Paddles can be made with a take-apart joint that allows the paddle to be broken down for easier storage and transport, and allows the blades to be set feathered or straight.

Paddle length is really a matter of personal preference. Go with what feels best. Keep in mind that a longer paddle tends to be necessary if your kayak is wide or if you’re more comfortable with a slower paddling stroke. Before buying, try several different lengths to find what feels most comfortable. The following chart makes a good starting point:

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