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Oceans Course – Okura


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If you are currently sea kayaking and want to up-skill, or you are thinking about becoming a guide or instructor, this is the course for you. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Group control
  • Advanced paddle technique
  • Coaching skills to struggling paddlers
  • Fastpacking and faster camping
  • Managing a group launching through waves (surf permitting)
  • Kayak support strokes
  • Steering with your paddle
  • Edging or railing your kayak to gain more control
  • Towing and advanced support skills at sea
  • Advanced rescue skills
  • Navigation and weather
  • Crisis management skills
  • Camping skills
  • Night and adverse weather group management
  • Advanced scenarios helping to test your new abilities

To excel at anything you need input, well get ready for input overload.
Over two days we will push the limits of your ability to control your sea kayak and get the best out of your body. Developing your ability to recognise potential risk and managing it early is crucial to good group management. And then if it goes all wrong how to fix it.

Scenarios will be challenging and will require you to take charge and use the skills taught earlier.

This is a wet course with loads of challenge and laughter. 


Safety Terms and Customer Declaration

In any adventure activity, there is an element of risk involved. Risks in undertaking this activity include drowning, illness as a result of adverse weather conditions, water damage to personal belongings, and contact with wildlife.
The Staff and management of Canoe & Kayak take all practicable steps to identify and mimimise potential dangers. However, you must follow our instructions and use the provided safety equipment at all times. Adults accompanying any person under the age of 18 must ensure the underage person follows our instructions at all times. You must release or indemnify Canoe & Kayak and our staff against any liability we incur to anyone else, resulting from your failure to follow our instructions or the failure of any person accompanying you under the age of 18 to follow our instructions.
We reserve the right to withdraw any person who in our opinion is likely to endanger themselves or others. We also reserve the right to cancel the tour if we become concerned for any reason for your safety or that of any other person.

WARNING: Under New Zealand law it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to sue anyone if you are injured. In Addition, New Zealand’s accident compensation scheme provides only limited assistance to visitors to New Zealand who are injured. We strongly recommend that all visitors to New Zealand have full insurance covering any injury they might suffer, including medical treatment cover, before undertaking this activity.

EXCLUSIONS: To the extent permitted by law, all our liability for damage to your property, disruption to travel plans, or mental injury is excluded. This exclusion is subject to any rights or remedies you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.
Please notify us of any medical conditions or other information we need to know to include you safely in this activity. For example: asthma, allergies, heart conditions, epilepsy, or pregnancy.

You are entitled to access any information we hold about you or to request its correction at any time.


outdoors MarkOutdoorsMark is a national outdoor safety audit
programme designed by the New Zealand outdoors
community for the New Zealand outdoors community.

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