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Lettman Rocky


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The Rocky is the perfect symbiosis of two favourite kayaks. It combines the well mannered features of the Granate with the modern features of the Manta. The bottom hull combines high speed with lots of stability and tracking. Rounded chines guarantee secondary stability in strong side currents and landings after high drops remain pain free.
Big rocker with extra volume in the bow provides a dry run, even in very turbulent waters, and the boat resurfaces smoothly and controlled after big drops.

The Rocky series comes in sizes M, L and XL. Currently we have only stock of size L.

• 5 aluminium safety handles
• Size-adjustable aluminium bulkhead footrest
• Adjustable, padded thigh braces
• Padded backrest, adjustable with ratchets
• Foam support pillars front and rear
• Sport seat with seat cushioning

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