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Lettman Machete 85


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Half the slice…double the fun!

The new Machete joins the modern class of half-slice kayaks. But it sticks out from the masses: no other half-slice kayak has been designed without so few compromises. We went ahead with a never seen before rocker profile which allows the Machete to resurface highly controlled. And the stern is slicier and allows pirouettes for hours.

How do these contrasts combine into such a controlled and forgiving whitewater kayak? The answer is simple: the Machete has a wide, flat bottom hull from front to back. This makes the boat skip over holes and waves and the paddler stays in control immediately after landing drops or smashing over holes and waterfalls. Elegant and playful on easy river sections, total control in difficult whitewater. Nothing else matches the Machete.

You like wave moves? The flat bottom doesn’t only provide a lot of stability on whitewater but also makes the Machete “Queen of the Wave”. The hull allows very fast acceleration; spins, blunts and “soul surfing” are as much part of the experience as enders and rocksplats.

Machetes are available in a range of uni- and multi-colour options.

• 3 aluminium safety handles
• Size-adjustable aluminium bulkhead footrest
• Drain Bung
•  3-D Safety Bulkhead Footrest
• Adjustable, padded thigh braces
• Padded backrest, adjustable with ratchets
• Foam support pillars front and rear
• Centre Rail
• Sport seat with seat cushioning

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