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Bixpy Kit for Non-Ruddered Kayaks



Out of stock online, check in store.


Using a Railblaza Motor Mount and the Bixpy transom mount allows you to fit a Bixpy motor to almost any kayak, these photos are of our Viking 2+1 double kayak fitted with this Bixpy/Railblaza combo.

Installation is straight forward, we simply attached two Railblaza Starports (supplied), a stainless Steel saddle for the stabilizing latch and four attachment hooks for the battery and you are ready to go!

What you get:

  • One Bixpy motor, battery, charger and remote control
  • One Bixpy transom mount
  • One Ralblaza motor mount with two round Starports with base plates and four M6 bolts or 14g screws
  • For the stabilizing latch – One stainless steel saddle and two 10g screws
  • For mounting the battery – Four lashing hooks, 8 x 8g screws and Shock cord fitted to the Bixpy battery