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Kayak Rolling Tuition – Taupō


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– Learning to Roll Video –

By learning to Roll you will increase your kayaking confidence which allows you to progress into a better kayaker much quicker! 

Once you are happy being upside down and rolling up, you will be more adventurous on the river and quickly become a much more capable, competent and safe kayaker. 
If you are feeling nervous or have never been in a white water kayak before then don’t worry, we tailor the course to your needs.  We start the course by taking you through confidence routines so that you feel comfortable upside down in your kayak and then progress you through to full Eskimo rolling in the comfort and convenience of a heated pool.
We recommend 4 sessions to maximise the likely-hood of gaining a ‘bombproof roll’ which you can do every time rather than just once in the pool then forgetting it when it counts on the river or in the surf!

What you’ll learn:

  • Water confidence, through a progressive training system developed over twenty years we will help you develop your underwater confidence so that you can control the natural panic that we all feel when upside down in our kayaks.  This is the first step to gaining a reliable Eskimo Roll as it allows time underwater to deploy the skills you have learned to achieve a reliable Eskimo Roll.
  • Correct body and paddle movement to make the roll easy. When you use the main muscles in your body and have the paddle in the correct place an Eskimo Roll requires almost no effort. Through a series of teaching points, you will learn these secrets and become familiar with each step to gain success.
  • A swimming pool is fine and you are at ease, however, as soon as you are in the ocean or surf your mind will play games on you and all the excellent rolling progress vanishes. What goes wrong? You guessed it, your water confidence, but with a few more exercises and a bit more practice it all comes back and now you have a “bomb proof” roll, fit for any adventure.
  • We’ll help you adjust your kayak. It’s important to be as snug and as one with your kayak as you can be so that your kayak responds as a good running shoe does to your foot. Not like a wet jandle on a cross country run.


Course details:

Dates and times are flexible and courses can be structured to meet your specific needs.
Courses are held in the outside 25m pool at AC Baths in Taupo

We recommend you bring – togs, towel, polypropylene or woolen tops and bottoms, wetsuit if you have one, windproof and waterproof jacket, warm change of clothes, goggles and nose plug (optional).

Course fees:
$79 per session or $299 if you sign up to 4 consecutive courses
Kayak, equipment hire, and instruction are included in the course fees.
Pool entry is not included in the course costs and will need to be paid at the AC Baths front counter upon arrival.

Contact us:
For more information contact Canoe & Kayak Taupo by email or on 07 3781003.

OutdoorsMark is a national outdoor safety audit
programme designed by the New Zealand outdoors
community for the New Zealand outdoors community.



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Single Session, Four Sessions

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